I believe in living a good story, and living to tell the stories of others.

I grew up in a small town, left home by train when I was 17, turned 18 in Rome, and then made a quick stop back for a few years to grab a BFA in the-middle-of-nowhere, New York, and haven’t stopped traveling or called anyone else my boss since. This ride started in 2013, and by November of 2014, my car was packed, roaming from East to West to continue on this photographic journey. The end of that drive landed myself in Portland, Oregon.

There’s been a camera in my hands since I was seven years old. I saw life and those around me through little frames, though I hardly realized it’d be something I’d be making a living at years later, in a culture that tells you that only the doctors, lawyers and dentists can afford to live a good life. My travels have put many things into perspective, constantly inspiring, teaching, and reminding me what’s truly important, which is why I continue to hit the road and float through the clouds for nearly every project.

Time and The Heart

The photographs I take are made with a vision that overflows from my heart and lifestyle: a mixture of minimalism, creativity, travel, health and love. I've felt the way time innocently deceives us, making us believe it will stand still forever in some moments, yet making us ask where it went a handful of years later. Photography allows me to celebrate love with people, create with them, make memories last forever for them, and I can't imagine any better use of my time than spending my days like that.