it may seem cliche, but it’s true. we’re made of them. and the more we live, the more we realize how each day counts and adds up.
you have one, too- a story worth telling. and i believe it’s important to document the journey you’ve begun and the steps along the way, because these moments don’t come back, they never happen again,
but there’s magic in reliving them and looking back at how time pushes and pulls us along… at its very own pace. 


a bit of mine

i grew up in Buffalo, NY, went to public school, skipped english class to go to the art room, and ran around barefoot every time summer came back around. i made forts in the woods with the neighbors, made up secret languages, wrote songs, fell off my bike a lot and ate spaghettio’s.

i didn’t want to do everything as i was told.

i graduated high school early and lived in Canada & Italy for 6 months,
did college in 3 years instead of 4,
and started this whole photography business somewhere in the middle of all that.

it’s important that you know these things
because it’s how i see life and that plays a huge role in my work.
i don’t like typical. i don’t like the “that’s-how-it’s-supposed-to-be” approach.
i also tell you these things because i want to know you on that level too.
no walls necessary. 
i want my photos to tell the intimate story of you and those you love.

life’s about the happy accidents and imperfections that come with the journey,
let’s capture the beauty of it all.




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